Royals: Princess Madeleine - Rare interview and faux pas

June 23: Geography faux pas in an interview

Princess Magdalene was finally able to return to his native Sweden after three long years. She crossed the ocean on June 14 with her daughters Leonore, 8, and Adrienne, 4. Her husband Chris O’Neill and Prince Nicolas, 7, joined on June 21. Now the princess has given up with her husband a rare interview, bring it to a small misstep has come. Princess Madeleine is quoted by the Swedish tabloid Expressen: “We are now here in Västra Norrbotten and have finally visited the beautiful discovery park.” The discovery park that they visited and that little Nicolas opened a few days ago is however not in the province of Västra Norrbotten, but in Västernorrland. Oops! But we can certainly forgive the princess for the small geographical misstep…

June 22: Amalia from the Netherlands obtains her hunting license

Do the Dutch like it? According to the government information service, the heiress to the throne Amalia has made her hunting license. The Crown Princess can now officially go hunting. Will this become a problem for the royal family? After all, the Dutch royal family is often heavily criticized anyway, and the fact that Amalia chooses such a hobby should not please many either. Apparently the hunting license wasn’t Amalia’s wish so much. Her father wanted her to own one more. This could have a very pragmatic reason: the royal residence Het Loo in Apeldoorn is surrounded by a forest area. By law, owners are required to care for game stocks indoors. The hunting license is certainly an advantage for Amalia.

June 21: Prince Nicolas is experiencing great things

Prince Nicolas of Sweden has just celebrated his seventh birthday. Something very special was on the agenda for Princess Madeleine’s son and husband Chris O’Neill. He must be first official engagement as a Royal graduate The Little Prince opened the discovery park on the Naturum high coast, given to him for baptism seven years ago. Certainly a very special experience for Nicolas and his proud parents.

June 20: The mystery of Crown Princess Mary’s outfit revealed

The queens and future queens of Europe know how to do it. The Spaniard Letizia surprised recently in a bold pink dress with great cutouts. And now Mary from Denmark is following up with a very special fashion decision. The Crown Princess introduced herself during her visit to the Netherlands in an orange suit and sent a very special message. Because the color orange has a very special meaning in the Netherlands: it will always be worn on the king’s birthday, “King’s Day”.. For Mary to dress head to toe in orange for her State of All Things visit is a kind gesture to her neighbors that shows how the two countries and the two royal houses rub shoulders.

You can read what happened in the royal houses of Europe last week here.

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