The MMORPG Lost Ark once again brings a weekly update, which will disappoint some players. Because the big June update is still late in coming and is therefore postponed to the last possible date so that it always remains a June update. At MeinMMO, we summarize.

Update 2:08 p.m.: The servers for Europe have been back online for about 13 hours. However, due to an error, the in-game store in both European regions will be turned off at 2:15 p.m. for approximately 30 minutes.

What was announced? The developers of Lost Ark have announced on Twitter and via their website that the big June update will be pushed back another week. The patch actually announced for the middle of the month will therefore only be available on the servers on June 30 and therefore at the latest.

They would like to explain exactly what the reasons are behind this and what work the team has been doing in the meantime in a longer blog post later this week. However, Roxx said on the forum that Amazon itself will be blocked. But a big point should have been to fight the bots that have been haunting the game for a long time. We are working on a long-term solution for this.

Also, the team would like to thank you for the support and good feedback after the last wave of bans, during which more than 600,000 “players” were kicked from the game.

Little update today June 23

What’s new in the weekly update? This focuses on the so-called Super Express event, which is currently running in the game. The event will help you get your characters to a higher Gearscore faster. Amazon is now extending this option by 20 days, as the event will now end on July 20 instead of June 30 as previously scheduled.

However, you must accept the event on a character before June 30 in order to receive any rewards.

Besides extending the event, there is only one bug fix that prevents you from not being able to collect Fever event rewards. Other bugs, such as the annoying mouse pointer error, will likely remain in the game.

Elgasia is not yet available in the June update, but you can already see the next continent in the trailer:

Lost Ark Announces New Korea Update – New Elgasia Zone in Trailer

How long is the server offline? As usual, the servers will go offline at 9:00 German time and will remain offline for 4 hours on June 23. So you can probably get back to Arkesia at 1pm.

We will of course keep you updated on the servers coming back online in this article.

All patch notes

Currently, the patch notes for the June 23 weekly update are only available in English. We will add the German notes as soon as they are there.

Update 09:58: German patch notes have been added.

All remarks:

  • The end date of the Super Express Event has been pushed back to July 20 to allow us to prepare for the next Express Event. You must therefore complete your event missions before this date. Remember that you must select a character for the Super Express event before June 30 if you wish to participate!
  • Fixed issue with claiming rewards for Hot Time event. Some players were unable to claim their rewards. To make up for the error, we are repeating last weekend’s event.

What do you think of this week’s weekly update? Were you still expecting the big June update and disappointed, or did you already think it will take another week? Write it to us in the comments here on MeinMMO.

In general, fans are just a little annoyed with their MMORPG: Lost Ark only gets 60% positive reviews on Steam – What happened to the most popular MMORPG?

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