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Aqara, a leading provider of smart home products, has launched the M1S Hub Gen 2, an upgraded version of the iconic smart home M1S hub. Equipped with new hardware and software updates and most of the features of its predecessor, the M1S Gen 2 hub improves network security by supporting the WPA3 standard. Plus, with its configurable ringtones, users can further customize their home automation. The new hub is available now from Amazon Aqara stores in the EU (France, Germany, Italy and Spain) and from Aqara authorized resellers worldwide*. Availability will also be extended to North America (US and Canada) in the coming months.

Similar to other Aqara hubs, the M1S Gen 2 hub is a control center for the Aqara ecosystem and connects other Aqara Zigbee devices to the WiFi network. It manages and controls both complex scenarios and smart devices such as switches, sockets, curtains, shutters and much more. The M1S Gen 2 communicates via the Zigbee 3.0 protocol and supports up to 128 Aqara** devices. It also enables compatibility of connected children’s devices with major third-party ecosystems such as HomeKit, Alexa, Google and IFTTT. After the Matter rollout, the M1S Gen 2 is expected to receive the Matter OTA update, allowing Aqara connected accessories to work with other Matter-enabled devices.

Key Features of the M1S Gen 2 Hub:

  • A powerful built-in 2 watt speaker that allows the hub to be used as an alarm, doorbell and custom ringtones;

  • Built-in RGB LEDs with adjustable brightness and color, allowing the hub to act as a night light or accent light;

  • A fully functional light sensor that can be used for automations in the Aqara Home app;

  • Improved WiFi connectivity with the powerful 2×2 MIMO WiFi antenna and support for the WPA3 standard, which provides a faster, secure and reliable connection;

  • The new hub supports all 4 modes of the HomeKit security system, which automatically syncs with the alarm system in the Aqara Home app.

Visit our website for more details on the M1S Gen 2 Hub.

* Product availability may vary by retail channel and may be continuously updated. We recommend checking with local retailers for current availability.

** To connect up to 128 slave Aqara devices, repeater devices such as smart plugs or wall switches (with neutral wire) are required.

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